WARNING: This product is intended for use with nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical . Must be 19 years of age

Return Policy

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Warranty and Returns

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]”We strive to make you Happy!” so please let us know if you experience any issues because we will be happy to evaluate on an individual basis.


Unwanted Product Returns

All products on the site are final sale, we DO NOT accept refund returns, all products eligible for warranty are covered ONLY with a 30 manufacturers defect warranty. All other returns will be denied.


Most products come with a Manufacturer Warranty. Due to the diverse number of suppliers and their different replacement, policies, procedures and time periods we will be happy to handle all of the Warranty claims that are confirmed to be valid by us (With in 30 days of Purchase) . We will send you a replacement product upon confirming the root cause of failure after testing is completed by Our technician and confirming manufacturer warranty. We deal with the manufacture without you having to worry for the first 30 days of warranty.


DRY HERB and EXTRACT VAPORIZERS, due to the nature and use of dry herb and extract vaporizers, the warranty on these devices is 30 days. These products can not be sent back as we are not permitted to receive or possess these products after use by law. These products will require a detailed video of the malfunction. The video must show clear evidence of this defect. (Please make sure to clearly explain in your video evidence and properly film the defect because if our technicians can not clearly identify the problem, you will be asked to send a better example or be denied for exchange.


All products to be returned to DVSL-CANADA need a Customer Return Authorization Number(CRA#) with exception for DVSL branded products, this includes all DVSL branded pod and vapor batteries only. Please e-mail customer service stating the product and the issue you are having with it. We will then immediately get to work about seeing what can be done and make arrangements for the return and replacement as applicable. With all the clones of true products Now manufactures require the serial numbers of all items for warranty with out the serial numbers they will not replace the defective items.


Due to user nature of atomizers and the nature of variable voltage devices, we are unable to have warranty on “Atomizers”. No warrant includes tanks, cartomizers, clearomizers, cartridges, empty and profiled pods and mouth piece drip tips.


When Shipping Glass tanks or Juices we can’t warranty or cover them from being broken in shipping as Canada Post won’t Cover the Damage of any Glass Items. Due to the nature of atomizers and the nature of variable voltage devices we are unable to make warranty on Atomizers. There is no warranty on cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks and Tips. Due to products that include wood, stabilized wood, simulated wood, fake wood, plastic or contain any type of pattern/design are not returnable based on a customers like or dislike of the pattern/colour or any other attribute of the mentioned materials.


DVSL-Canada cannot be responsible for any warranty or replacement claims for any modifications made to Hardware or Software once it has been delivered to the customer. Software upgrades/replacement and firmware issues must be taken up with the Manufacturer directly. Also any physical modification to any product will cause warranty to be null and void.


Insurance Issues: Missing package, missing items, damaged goods will be sent to Canadapost for investigation. A ticket number will be issued to the customer VIA Canadapost to follow the investigation. Once Canadapost settles the claim, DVSL-Canada will duly issue replacements under Canadaposts findings. DVSL-Canada is not responsible for any missing packages, missing items, damaged goods. Product replacements will not be shipped out separately if the product has a retail price under $10.00 and a credit will be issued in lue of the replacement item.


If a package is refused or not picked up by a customer the customer is responsible for the shipping and return shipping of the package.


Customer is responsible for charges relating to shipping product back to DVSL-CANADA for evaluation for any and all warranty claims. If product is found to have a warrantable defect replacement product will be shipped to customer at no charge. If product is deemed not to have a warrantable defect product can be shipped back to customer at customers expense.


On Clearance items we do not offer warranty on items as they are marked down below cost to clear them out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]