WARNING: This product is intended for use with nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical . Must be 19 years of age

About Us

DVSL Canada ( Discreet Vapor System Labs inc) is a vapor import and distribution corporation since 2015. We at DVSL Canada have built our strong reputation by not only helping our fellow Canadians STOP SMOKING but by also supplying Canadians with premium vaping products of the highest quality and reliability posible from all over the world and in doing so we are able to ensure our customers satisfaction. We started out as a smaller family built business back in 2013 when vaping was brand new to the country and with the loyalty of our most valued customers were able to incorporate in 2015 becoming one of Canada's leading distributors of vaping hardware. In conclusion We at DVSL Canada would like to thank all of you as our highly valued customers for your loyalty and support enabling us to move forward into 2021. 

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